23 Mar 2020

Dear Stakeholder,

A&P Group is committed to helping to sustain the global maritime sector and we will continue to support the sector during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We are striving to limit the impact of Coronavirus to ensure minimum disruption to our schedule of works. We have implemented a robust business continuity plan across all our facilities, which includes the best possible health protection measures based on the latest information from the World Health Organisation, National Health Service and Public Health England. We are working side by side with our employees, customers and stakeholders to ensure they are taking the best possible precautions.

Our measures include:

• Continuous education of all employees on preventative measures.
• Rapid response procedures in the event of a possible contamination.
• Increased procurement of sanitiser, gloves, tissues etc.
• Enhanced cleaning across all our facilities.
• Remote working for as many staff as possible.
• Restrictions on non-essential visitors, travel and meetings.
• Implementation of a full crisis management structure and enhanced internal communications.
Our procedures are reviewed daily by our senior leadership team to ensure we are following the latest guidance. We will continue to update all stakeholders as the situation progresses and will inform you immediately to any changes to our programme of works.

Yours sincerely,

David McGinley
A&P Group Managing Director