15 Jul 2019

Falmouth Docks and Engineering Company (FDEC), part of the A&P Group, has completed a four-week contract which saw it providing offshore services to StenaDrilling’s Stena IceMAX.

FDEC is a statutory harbour authority, responsible for the area of water immediately surrounding Falmouth Docks. FDEC offers a range of services including quayside storage and letting facilities, towage services, cruise ship operations and cargo handling services.

Falmouth’s geographical location, deep water access, sheltered facilities and the shoreside services and support offered by FDEC made it the perfect choice when StenaDrilling needed to load stores and change crews.

The Stena IceMAX, the world’s first dynamically positioned, dual mast ice-class drillship, anchored in Falmouth Bay for the duration of its stay. FDEC oversaw the delivery of equipment and stores to its undercover storage facility and the subsequent transfer of those stores, along with the transfer of crews, to the ship.

Drystan Jones, FDEC’s Port Operations Director, said: “StenaDrilling needed a deep-water area where they could undertake crew changes and load stores prior to going to a job in southern Ireland. We were delighted that they identified Falmouth as an ideal location to complete these works.

“We provided a shore-base for Stena which included a through-store capability for bringing the equipment they needed for the vessel through our secure storage facility and the crew transfer operation.

“This was an entirely water-based operation for us. This project showcases the capability on offer by FDEC and the A&P Group, to provide an efficient crew transfer location and stores transfer location for offshore support vessels that are not necessarily alongside the docks.”

Notes to Editors

A&P Group

A&P Group is a leading provider of ship repair, conversion and marine services and heavy engineering expertise. Operating seven dry docks and extensive fabrication facilities across four strategic locations in the UK, A&P Group also has a business in Australia that provides ship repair services and support to the Royal Australian Navy.

As one of the leading engineering business in the UK, A&P is also involved in a diverse range of fabrication and repair projects across a broad cross section of sectors including Defence, Marine, Oil and Gas, Subsea, Energy, Civil and Nuclear. Projects include the fabrication of built modules for the Astute Submarine Class and the prestigious HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers, cable carousels, flood barriers, steam turbines, shore side access systems and FPSO upgrades.

All A&P Group facilities combine a rich heritage of marine and engineering skills and experience, providing a diverse customer base with all the precision skills needed to complete the most demanding projects.


Falmouth Docks and Engineering Company (FDEC) is part of the A&P Group. It is a statutory harbour authority, responsible for area of water immediately surrounding Falmouth Docks.

FDEC provides a 24-hour towage service at Falmouth for all moves around the dock, the harbour, river or wider bay area. Currently the fleet consists of two matched twin Voith tractor tugs, each with a bollard pull of 20 tonnes, and one Voith tractor tug with a bollard pull of 23 tonnes. A fourth Voith tractor tug with a bollard pull of 23 tonnes is available on request.

In addition, there are two workboats, one of which can operate throughout the estuary ferrying men to work afloat or taking stores and equipment to ships in the river or bay.

FDEC’s cargo handling facility is capable of handling all types of general cargo – from coal and stone products to bulk fertilizers. The port’s strategic role in receiving casualties means that restowing and recovery of damaged cargo is also carried out by FDEC on a regular basis.

The cargo business has bulk cargo bays which are serviced by a LHM150 mobile F harbour crane and offers 4,500m2 of undercover storage.