A&P Delivers Four Ferry Project for Condor.

9 Jan 2018

A&P Group’s Falmouth facility is part way through a repair, refit and renewal project for Condor Ferries, namely dry-docking four cross-Channel ferries back-to-back to carry out the required work.

The project involved the dry-docking of two conventional ferries; Commodore Clipper and Commodore Goodwill in Autumn 2017, and two high-speed ferries, Condor Liberation (recently completed in December) and Condor Rapide due in January 2018. The ferries operate on cross-Channel routes between the Channel Islands, the South Coast of the UK and France.

A&P Falmouth’s in-house design and production engineering team were utilised for the design and installation of ballast water treatment system installations on the two conventional vessels. This process began in the months leading up to the refits for Commodore Clipper and Commodore Goodwill. Prior to the arrival of the vessels at its Falmouth facility, A&P undertook laser 3D scanning of the vessels’ machinery spaces, enabling it to formulate a complete design and engineering solution for each ferry.

During the docking period, Commodore Goodwill also underwent a major tailshaft withdrawal and overhaul. Both shafts were removed, including the intermediate shafts, which were removed from the engine room via a hole cut on to the vehicle deck. The vessel’s propeller hubs were also removed and transported to the machine shop for extensive machining and reconditioning works, before reassembly and refitting to the ship.

Biannual class survey renewals and repairs were conducted on each of the conventional vessels during dry-docking, including hull and accommodation preparation and painting, ramp overhauls and repairs as well as engine overhauls.

Condor Liberation underwent a major engine overhaul, exhaust modifications, propulsion unit overhaul and an extensive paint programme.

A&P Falmouth has dry docked Condor’s fleet for the past ten years. During this time A&P has conducted many dry dockings and vessel upgrades.

David McGinley, Managing Director of A&P Group said, “We were able to utilise our full range of capabilities, to deliver these projects and exceed client expectations. Project management, engineering, machining and complex-lifting skills were applied, which, when combined with Falmouth’s extensive facilities, ensured we could meet all of Condor Ferries’ requirements.”

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Operations and Site Director also commented on the good close working relationship the business has built up with Condor over the past ten years, allowing both companies to benefit from the relationship between the Project teams, Condor’s Ship Managers and ships’ staff resulting in improving delivery, budget and quality.

Fran Collins, Executive Director for Operations at Condor Ferries, added, “Our conventional and high speed fleet plays a vital role in keeping the Channel Islands connected and supplied with freight and passenger services year round. With the conventional fleet scheduled to operate almost 360 days a year, it’s critically important that all of our dry docks are completed on time and to a high standard. Our ships are specialised to suit our routes and, over time, the team at A & P has built an excellent understanding of our vessels and business needs. ”

A&P Group has a successful track record working with many of the major North European ferry operators over the years including P&O, Stena and Irish Ferries.