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A&P Tees

A centre of excellence for offshore vessels, dredgers and tankers, A&P Tees’ facility is located on one of the busiest rivers in the UK.

The 5 acre Tees site comprises two dry docks and 240m of jetty frontage, complemented with extensive workshops, cranes up to 40 tonnes and secure tank washing facilities.  A&P Tees’ fabrication facilities are particularly suited to building offshore modules, subsea structures, and new ship sections on site.

Key information

Average Tides (above chart datum)
Mean high water springs5.5m
Mean low water springs0.9m
Dock No. 5
Breadth at entrance22.2m
Maximum breadth inside23.4m
Blocks L1.63m
Blocks H1.37m
Blocks W0.46m
Depth of sill below Chart Datum1.37m
Dock No. 6
Breadth at entrance17.3m
Maximum breadth inside18.6m
Blocks L1.63m
Blocks H1.37m
Blocks W0.46m
Depth of sill below Chart Datum0.37m
JettyD 10-30m, L 240m
1: Load 40TMax Outreach 25m
2: Load 30TMax Outreach 27m
3: Load 15TMax Outreach 27m
4: Load 6TMax Outreach 20m
Workshop Areas
Joinery Shop475m2
Engineering workshop1,235m2
Pipework1,530 m2

HM Bark Endeavour ashore at A&P Tees

A&P Group, the global ship repair, conversion and specialist has welcomed HM Bark Endeavour at its A&P Tees facility today. HM…

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