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A&P Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is the newest of A&P Group’s UK locations. Created as a result of a strategic partnership with Peel Ports in mid 2017, A&P Great Yarmouth provides an invaluable presence on the East coast.  From here we deliver marine and ship repair services as well as the highly successful mobile ship repair service, Afloat.

A strong and strategic alliance, we provide support to clients from the oil and gas, offshore wind and tidal sectors and are well placed to build on our shared ambition with Peel Ports Group – to make A&P Great Yarmouth a centre of excellence of renewable energy with the creation of a marine services hub.

A&P Great Yarmouth delivers the following services: 

  • Ship repair services – from dry docking to voyage repairs to major refits
  • Fabrication – A&P Group’s highly skilled team has the ability to fabricate minor components to subsea and floating structures.
  • Vessel mobilisation and demobilisation – A&P Great Yarmouth manages projects across the offshore wind, oil and gas sectors as well as to decommissioning projects and general maritime cargo works.
  • Marine engineering services range from preventative maintenance to major overhaul/refurbishment.
  • Decommissioning – from sea fastening to steel structure dismantling.

Key Information

Marine services hub
Berths along the River YareClose to 3000m
Depths4.5 - 6metres
Deep-water outer harbour10m
Tidal range1-2metres

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Ap Great Yarmouth



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