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A&P Falmouth

Home to one of the world’s largest natural deep-water harbours, A&P’s Falmouth facility is the largest ship-repair complex in the UK. 

With three large graving docks and extensive alongside deep-water berthing providing capacity for vessels up to 100,000 tonnes, A&P Falmouth provides a complete range of marine repair services thanks to our on-site engineering, electrical, paint and fabrication workshops and ongoing relationship with specialist contractors and OEMs. A&P Falmouth also offers bunkering facilities, the ability to dock without gas-freeing, in-water surveys and propeller polishing.

A centre of excellence for Ministry of Defence vessels, ferries, mobilisation and demobilisation works, jack-ups, pontoons and tankers, A&P Falmouth is also a busy working port, handling over 100,000 T of product annually.  This helps to support a strong and local supply chain offering a wide range of services including towage, ship’s agency, area port health, diving services, local surveyors and tank washing.

Key Information

Average Tides (above c.d.)
Mean high water springs5.4m
Mean low water springs0.8m
Dock No.2
Breadth at entrance39.6m
Minimum breadth inside39.6m
Blocks L1.37
Blocks W0.35m
Blocks H1.47m
Depth of sill below Chart Datum5.60m
Dock No.3
Breadth at entrance26.82m
Minimum breadth inside28.04m
Blocks L1.37m
Blocks W0.35
Blocks H1.45m
Depth of sill below Chart Datum3.20m
Dock No.4
Breadth at entrance26.21m
Minimum breadth inside26.21m
Blocks L1.37m
Blocks W0.35m
Blocks H1.39m
Depth of sill below Chart Datum2.90m
19: Load 25TMax Outreach 42m
20: Load 25TMax Outreach 42m
21: Load 48TMax Outreach 53.5m
26: Load 12TMax Outreach 39m
27: Load 10TMax Outreach 25.3m
28: Load 60TMax Outreach 50m
29: Load 45TMax Outreach 40m
M Liebherr:Load 40T, Outreach 32m
Workshops areas
Fabrication (inc pipe) workshop4109m2
Engineering workshop3244m2
Electrical workshop875m2
Joiners workshop1014m2
Berths Length Draft
County Wharf180m 8.5m
Duchy Wharf202m 8.5m
Queens Wharf190m 6.5m
South of Queens135m 6m

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